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A Babies First Doll

The Pattern and instructions to create a doll for a baby

A Digital Course with Youtube Links

Easy to follow, fun to do, this pattern follows steps for everything you need to complete your first doll project and make a beautiful and unique softy that any small person would enjoy.

Personalise your doll by choosing your ideal fabrics. The finished doll will be around 32cm or 12 1/2 inches.

Course includes how to sew stitch videos.

Suitable for a beginner and beyond

This kit takes between 4 and 6 hours to complete depending on your sewing experience. Instructions are clearly written and colour illustrated, making it suitable for novice sewers. Because of the technique used to make the head it is also a good introduction project if you are interested in making Waldorf dolls.

We all love to give children toys that mean a lot to them, toys that really get played with.

Rather than making these dolls myself to sell I thought it would be more lovely if you could make one and give a truly personal gift.

Maybe you're a grandparent with old baby clothes in a box.

Using the patterns supplied, why not turn a favourite outfit of your child's into a favourite doll of your grandchild.......

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