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Choose from 5 different skin tones.

Specify eye colour.


Please say whether you want mixed yarn hair or single yarn, straight or curled.

Choose a shirt and trousers or a dress and knickers.


Please give me as much information as possible.

Let me know the approx age the doll should represent. I find it useful to bear that in mind when I'm making the facial features and limbs.


Faces are embroidered. Each doll is clothed in underwear and has shoes and socks. Bodies are stuffed in carded sheep wool. The heads are made with shorter fibre wool to make them firmer. The bodies of these dolls are also firm.


Keep watching this space, I'll be uploading more pictures as I make them. I tend to put insights of the dolls I'm currently making on facebook, so visit the Popcorn Snow page if you'd like to see what I'm working on now.



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These dolls are priced from £105 depending on how many outfits they have, addittional outfits are £15 each.

These collectors dolls are around 20cm tall.

Each one is custom made.